Back In Vancouver!

Hey, everyone 🙂
Thanks for stopping by! I figured I’d just update you on my week, and what I’ve been up too in Vancouver. I haven’t been here since last July, so I was super happy to finally get the chance to hang out here. The weather has really gotten nice, so instead of shopping, I was able to do some outdoor activities with Håkan, his Mom, and his doggo this weekend! Saturday we did the Quarry Rock hike, which was so fun. Today, Håkan and I did the Squamish Cheif hike and oh my godddddddd was it ever exhausting… but worth it! The view was amazing, and not to mention it’s such a workout. Here are some pics, enjoy 🙂 What’s your favourite thing to do on a beautiful day? xx


2 thoughts on “Back In Vancouver!

  1. I got to visit Vancouver a few years ago, it’d been on my travel list for awhile. It’s so beautiful up there! While exploring around BC we went to White Rock, Queen Elizabeth park, & Gas Town.


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