Hi loves!!!

I hope you’re all enjoying summer so far. I haven’t been up too much besides working, going to the gym and reading. One exciting thing to start off my summer was the opportunity to team up with the babes over at Bootay Bag to teach you all a little more of what they’re about.

What is Bootay Bag?
Bootay Bag is a monthly subscription that allows you to pick and choose your best fit for your personal underwear needs. Initially, you start an account, and until cancelled for a flat rate or 12$ (Within the USA, outside is 12$ plus 10$ shipping). For that, you will receive two super cute pairs of undies every month! Exciting right? Even cooler, you can personalise your subscription to bi-monthly, or whatever fits your needs.

Your Options:
Mix It Up! A combo of cheeky panties and thongs, perfect for anyone who likes to change things up.
Only Thongs? Self-explanatory right, only thongs.. they’ve got you covered!
Never Thongs:  Full coverage, cute, and comfy!

Giving Back…
Another reason why I love the people over at Bootay Bag is because they are a philanthropic-based company through the help of people like you and I. Whenever someone posts a photo with the hashtag #UNDERMATTERS on any social media platform, Bootay Bag donates 1$ to the Melanoma Foundation. Seeing my grandfather suffer from Melanoma, it holds a place in my heart, which made me even more excited to be apart of this. People need to be educated on taking care of themselves- inside and out! As well funding research is SO important.

My personal experience with the team over at Bootay Bag has been amazing. It was so fun having something to look forward to coming in the mail, let alone something this cute. I always was annoyed having to go to Victoria’s Secret and spend 40$ on a pair of cute undies, so I was so excited about this. I was super surprised and impressed by the underwear and everything about it. From quality to style, when taking your quiz they really nail your personality and send you the right stuff. I still can’t believe the items are only 12$.

Thanks for reading, what do you think of this idea? Do you plan on trying it out? Let me know and don’t forget to hashtag #UNDERMATTERS. 🙂

Talk soon, xx
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8 thoughts on “xoBootayBag

  1. This is an amazing subscription. I’m outside the US so the extra $10 is quite shaky for me but otherwise I love the idea. Panty shopping stresses me so being surprised every month would be awesome.


  2. This is brilliant for people like me who hate going shopping! And that’s so cool that they give to the Melanoma Foundation. I’ll definitely have to consider if this is in my budget right now.


  3. Everyone is into subscription again.. It died down with magazines and they came back with items they know people will really get into. It’s a fun way to target retail consumers. I like the giving back aspect. It’s rare when it actually contributes to anything else out there. Thanks for sharing!


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