Eyelash Extensions; Yay or Nay?

Hey guys! Today I’m making a quick post on something I get asked a lot about; my eye lashes. The first time I got eye lash extensions was in December, and I haven’t gone back since! I truly would feel naked without them at this point. They’re amazing, and make mornings much quicker and easier. There’s so many rumours and horror stories surrounding eye lash extensions that keep people from getting them. I’m here to educate you, and tell you whats the truth and what is not 🙂

Will my natural lashes become damaged?
No no no! This is the biggest myth I’ve EVER heard. Your natural eye lashes will not be damaged by the extensions at all. Anyone who has said that either did not take care of them, went to a horrible lash technician, or simply pulled out their extensions themselves.

How do I find a good technician?
Do your research! Before getting these extensions, seek information. Ask for photos of their work, and ask too see what products they use; lash glue, lashes ect. The best way to find a lash technician is word of mouth. Always ask around from people you know personally, opposed to finding one online 🙂

Can I get them wet?
Yes, but not for the first 24 hours. Even after the given time period, I try to never get my extensions wet ever. You never know what kind of bacteria water can attract, and avoiding water contact will pro long the life of your extensions a little more as well 🙂 Now you might think your lashes will get gross by not getting them wet. That’s not true! By becoming religious with your lash brushing, you will be fine.

How long with my lashes last?
The lash extension itself is attached to your natural lashes. That being said, they will fall out with the natural growth of each lash cycle. The recommended touch up time line is every 3-4 weeks.

Can I wear mascara with my extensions?
Wearing mascara on top of extensions is not recommended. Some people still do though. This will result in the need of a more frequent touch up period, as well as having to get them wet, or even expose them to bacterial infections.

Thanks for reading. If you have lash extensions, let me know what you think of them! If you have any questions I didn’t answer, feel free to ask 🙂 xx



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23 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions; Yay or Nay?

  1. Do you recommend only getting them if you are going to maintain? Or is getting them as a one-off a good idea? I’m worried that they won’t look good as you transition back to natural lashes.


    1. I only recommend getting them if you plan on maintaining them. Definitely not an on-off type of deal. It’s for sure hard to go back after seeing your lashes so beautiful all the time, which is why it’s a 100% or nothing type of thing. I have friends who were on and off with them, and wishing they had just stuck with it! And personally, after getting them I couldn’t see myself not having them!


  2. really interesting post, the idea of getting them is intriguing. its always the same, if you wanna get a good job done, go to a recommended person xx


    1. Totally agreed! I’m lucky where I live it isn’t too much of an investment when it comes to getting them done.I paid 65$ for my first full set, and 30-40$ per fill. I could never see myself going back to just mascara though after getting them done.


  3. I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for the past 5yrs and I always tell my tech she can never leave me! Lol. I get a full classic set so it looks fairly natural to some kinds you find out there but I swear it’s a life changing decision and I don’t ever want to go back to a life without them!


  4. I was considering eye lash extensions, but my sister recommended eye lash tabs. They are like falsies with really strong glue. They last about the same time for me but cost a lot cheaper! I have blonde eyelashes so it’s a must for me to have something on my lashes. Thankfully I also have slow growing lashes so mine usually last up to 5 weeks. That could be an alternative if you ever want to try them out.


  5. I have very fair hair and I never wear makeup because I don’t like it. My eyelashes are too light so I get them tinted. I might try these extensions too 🙂


  6. I have never gotten extensions, but now that I have read this I might have to try them out (I have a wedding I am part of in May). My question is where did you get this information?


  7. Really interesting read. I’ve wondered about whether lash extensions could damage your lashes. Thanks for the info.


  8. Great post. I had mine done once, and couldn’t stand it. I can constantly feel it, and it made me want to pluck it. It started shedding a couple at a time, and by the second week, it didnt look as great as when I first had it. Maybe I’ll try it once again, if I can find a good eyebrow technician.


    1. You’ve gotta really be careful what length the lashes are, and how much of a curl they have. The technician’s application technique has a lot to do with it also. Along with taking care of your lashes all together.


    1. That’s so strange! It was honestly probably just the technician; when first getting lash extensions they really imply how the extensions are not supposed to be discomforting, let alone last only a week! Wow, I’m sorry that sounds like a pretty awful experience 😦


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