Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and it’s time to make your room (and life) as fresh and clean as the air outside is! For me, spring cleaning isn’t just about making my belongings look clean and nice, but also about making myself feel prepared and less stressed. A new season is a fresh start- take advantage of this! Here are some of my tips to make your surroundings look nicer, and make yourself feel greater 🙂

Yes, everything.  Right now is the time to open your windows, put some good music on and go through every drawer, hanger, and night stand in your room. The first step to spring cleaning is going through it all. It’s a pain in the ass, but before you know it you’ll have three garbage bags full of stuff you didn’t even know you had, let alone had sitting in your room since last spring.

2. Eliminate Items In Your Closet.
If you haven’t touched it, you don’t need it! Just like everyone else, I have a hard time parting with clothing. You pick up a sweater you haven’t worn in three years, and just think “But maybe I will wear it soon”. You are wrong. You will not. Something I can suggest that has helped me part with clothing is this; Turn all your hangers one way. When something is worn and washed, place it the opposite way. In three months, anything with a hangar that hasn’t been touched gets tossed! Simple, and effective 🙂

3. Your Trash Is Someone’s Treasure.
Don’t just throw out your clothes, because chances are they are in such good shape! Donating is always a great option. Check out local charities, or find someone you know going on a mission trip. Even just giving it away to friends and family members. There is always a person out there who can always enjoy what you don’t anymore.

4. Ditching Designers.
Odds are that Michael Kors bag you bought three years ago doesn’t have much use to you now, along with various other designers you sought out in their prime. Just because you’re not a fan anymore, doesn’t mean nobody else is! Selling your old designer things on Ebay or Kijiji is always a great idea. Better these items become burning cash in your pocket, than wasting space in your closet! 😉

5. Clean Out Your Computer.
As strange as this might sound, it’s more beneficial than you may think. Cleaning out your computer actually eliminates so much stress. Organizing your desktop, and deleting power point slides from a class you took freshman year might just be one of the best feelings ever.

6. Make A List Of Goals For Spring / Summer.
A huge part of spring cleaning for me is breaking winter habits and heading into more normal, healthier ones for the upcoming seasons. Motivation in the winter when it comes to anything is hard enough to keep up. Make a spring schedule, and a list of goals you would like to achieve in order to break these winter habits! New season, new you- right? 😉

Let me know if you have any tips when it comes to Spring cleaning! Happy Monday!

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13 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Great tips! I love that you include cleaning out your computer because that is seriously a necessary habit! I’ll be posting on good cleaning habits for your business later in the week and that is one on the top of the list! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who will literally spend a day cleaning every inch of my place. I get so wrapped up in one project after another!

    Great post girl!

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  2. My closet need a spring clean big time. I have not had a spring clean since last summer and I’m pretty sure that there are some new clothes in there which I do not know about!


  3. these are all perfect tips – i’m getting ready to start spring cleaning myself, but sometimes you need some inspiration – and a little push too… thanks for reminding me of these great tips – gonna get to work! My spring cleaning is going to include physically cleaning, organizing my bills, paying off medical bills, cleaning out my closet, donating, selling and finally cleaning out my 2nd room. 🙂 xx Bee

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  4. I normally do like to clean out of my closet and then see if anyone I know wants it. I’m gonna have to do the computer. Need to clean and organize it.


  5. Great tips 😀
    I really need to clean out my wardrobe hehe and I just cleaned out my computer and I’ve lost everyhing I had there, also my new pictures to my blog, but It gave me a motivation to take a better pictures 😀


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