Everyday Skincare Routine

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking how I’ve gotten my skin so nice, glowing, and clear. So, I figured why not write a post about the products I use! By all means, I’ve never had terrible skin, but just like anyone else I’ve had my skin related issues. Back in high school, I never had super bad acne, but when I did get a zit it would leave a dark spot for what I thought was going to be ages. Than again, I was 15 and now at 20, I am just finding something that works for me.

The first thing I go in with is my FRESH Soy Face Cleanser. This stuff is sooo gentle yet so effective! I’ve always had a hard time finding a cleanser that works for me because my skin always seemed to get used to it, and so the product would stop working. I’m so so happy that hasn’t happened yet with this product! This cleans your skin so well, but without taking away your natural oils which is so important. It’s also good for all skin types. The formula is made to clean, soothe, tone and soften the look of your skin, which is totally does. It is filled with amino acid rich soy proteins, which help support the build of fresh skin cells. Within two months of using this every morning and every night, my dark spots disappeared! Also, a big difference was made when instead of using my hands to clean my face, I purchased the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad from Sephora.

Face Mask:
Next thing I go in with is with Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay . This mask does everything. It purifies while helping your skin refine itself with some wonderful ingredients. After you take it off, you are glowing and feel so clean and fresh! Anything infused with some sort of Rose is always a good idea. Your pores vanish and it makes your complexion so smooth and baby like.

Next step I do is spray my face with a rose water based toner. I use the FRESH Rose Floral Toner, but I really do recommend the Mario Badescu Rose Water as well. It’s much more affordable, and does if not better the same job. Toners are great to use after face masks, because they lock in the moisture, as well with cooling and toning your skin. It gets rid of any impurities the mask may have not got, as well as tighten your complexion. What I love about rose water too is you can use it as a makeup setting spray for a more natural healthy feeling, and look 🙂

Final Products:
So now that thats over, these are the last two things I do. After my face is dry from the toner, I will go in with the Sephora Collection’s Sleeping Mask in Algae. This is the purifying and detoxifying mask. I love this stuff and swear by it. I put a generous amount of this on before bed, and when I wakeup in the morning I wipe my face off and you can literally see all the dirt and impurities lifted from your skin into the mask! It is amazing. I will also put on Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask before heading to bed because I hate waking up with dry lips. I feel like keeping a hydrated face makes for a healthy looking face.

Also if I ever need a quick fix for a blemish, I’ll use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, just so it drys out that spot and only that spot! These are steps I usually only do in the night time. When I wakeup in the morning I only usually wash my face and use the rose water.

Drinking Lots of Water and Eating Healthy:
Another thing that goes hand in hand with skincare is your DIET! I cannot stress this enough. Cutting out junk, dairy and eating mostly plant based foods have saved my skins life!!! Remember, eating well does good for the insides of your body just as much as it does the outsides.

Let me know if you’ve used any of these products below! Happy Monday

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.07.27 PM.png


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