Stacks On Stacks

Hey friends! Happy Sunday 😀 I hope yours was as relaxing as mine! I haven’t posted anything in awhile because I’ve been super busy with school! Crazy to think it started three weeks ago and I’ve already got two mid-terms this week 😦 Anyways, I wasn’t busy studying today so I got the chance to wakeup early and head to breakfast with my good friend, Madison!!! I feel like in Windsor and Tecumseh there are sooo many fantastic breakfast places that not a whole lot of people know about. The one I went to today was called Stacks. It was so yummy! It’s a breakfast restaurant mostly focused on pancakes, so naturally that is what I got. Madison got the double chocolate pancakes, and I got the Nutella ones. Some other great breakfast places you should check out are Healthy Mama, TOAST, & The Sandwich Nook. Now I am just at home watching the football game with my Dad, Sister and Håkan, thinking about all the cardio I’m gonna have to do tomorrow, seeing as calories don’t count on Sunday’s… let alone Super Bowl Sunday’s. Let me know if you have any yummy breakfast places around here to try out! I love a good smoothie hehe! unnamed

Now off to get ready for bed,

Night night,

Brittany xx


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