Let’s Get NA-KD

Hey loves! Hope you’re all having an amazing day! No this post isn’t about getting naked… but the exact opposite 🙂 I am super excited because I received my package from NA-KD I ordered last week. Safe to say I am obsesssssed with this website and everything on it! I came across this Swedish based website from a lifestyle blogger I follow on Instagram, Kristen Sundberg. I had been looking at this website for awhile, but seeing as the currency is in USD instead of CAD, that kind of stopped me from ever ordering anything. Luckily, they had (and are still having) a MASSIVE sale, so I took advantage of that 🙂 My first order was more so a trial order to see how much I really do love the clothing. Clearly it went well considering I am sitting here in my lecture preparing for my second order, (and paying attention to class, duh) hehe! 

The first shirt I ordered was the Off The Shoulder Knot Blouse in black. I got it for $10.80 USD from $36USD; how can you go wrong?!?!? 36USD isn’t a bad price either, but it can be when the Canadian dollar sucks. This shirt can be kind of misleading with the photos given on the website. I was nervous it was going to fix boxy, long and awkward. Thankfully, it was the exact opposite! The material is everything you want top like this to be. It’s has a nice hard cotton feel, that won’t shrink and that will keep its colour and shape 🙂 It feels like a twill material to be more exact. The details on this shirt are so cute too! Wide sleeves and knotted ends. This shirt is so easy to style for different occasions 🙂 

Next two things I ordered are gold chokers. I noticed I don’t really have many necklaces or jewelry to wear everyday. You’ll see me wearing the same bracelet and necklace all the time which gets a tad boring. I figured since my clothing are so plain, I should start throwing in little pieces to make it a little more exciting. A little gold goes a long way 😉

The two chokers I ordered are the Double Chain Choker & the Bead ChainChoker. After receiving these and seeing them in person, I love them! They are the perfect addition to any outfit and the quality is amazing 🙂

Overall, I love love love this website and they for sure have a returning costumer in me 🙂 Also, if you’re a student you can get 12% off regular priced items all year around by clicking HERE and following the instructions they give you.

Here are some pics for you guys of the items I listed above!




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