Hellooo 2017!

Hey friends!!! Sorry to have been MIA for the last month or so. Between finals, getting ready for the Christmas break, and my laptop breaking it’s been pretty hectic! I finally got a new laptop today though. I went with the MacBook Air and so far I am loving it 🙂 I had the pro before, but this one seems so much more efficent. I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas break, as well as a safe and fun New Years! My Christmas was spent the same was it always is; spending time with family, friends, and catching up on things! Usually for NYE I am freaking out. I always find myself so stressed over plans/outfits. This year I decided to just take it easy. Instead of going out to a bar or anything, I went to my friend Lauren’s house! She had some people over which was really nice and casual. It was nice seeing a lot of these people! My break ended off with a weekend trip to Waterloo to visit my cousin Allie. I was sooo excited because I haven’t seen her since May because both of our schedules are so busy! Naturally, I did some excessive shopping over this break so I’m really looking forward to making my next post decdicated to some on my new fav items! That being said, since the break just ended- school just started. It’s only my first day back and I’m already finding myself having plans to head to the library tonight to get some work done! I’m in my third last semester before graduating, so I guess I should expect this workload. So I’m off to do lots of homework, so here are some pics I took over my Christmas break! Enjoy!




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