What Is Winter?

Is it just me or is this weather super awkward right now? It’s weird I’m buying fall clothes in December, and my down jacket hasn’t seen the outdoors more than five times since October. That being said, fall fashion is the peak of any season, so I’m not complaining 🙂 I’m happy with my chelsea boots, sneakers, bomber jackets and big sweaters! Since I haven’t really gotten anything new and exciting for the winter season, I’m taking a quick study break to share with you guys my fall favourites from the last month or so.

I’m not huge when it comes to splurging on everyday clothing. I’d much rather use that money to buy nice accessories because let’s be honest; a nice bracelet or purse goes much further than that one super pricey sweater you splurged on, when you could’ve went to H&M and found something very similar for about a fraction of the price. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen victim to that super warm sweater from Aritzia for 300$. But I’ve also fallen victim to the guilt that comes with purchasing it afterwards. NOT FUN. Worth it in some ways, but not fun. Anyways, here’s details on my current fall favourites I’ve recently purchased and absolutely have been loving.

One thing I have been searching for this fall season was a faux (obviously) sheep lined denim jacket. I had stumbled across a couple from stores such as Gap and Levi’s, but nothing I fell in-love with. Oddly enough, I found the perfect one at Abercrombie and Fitch. It’s super comfy. It’s not really fitted, which is nice because it allows you to wear a warm sweater under it. I love also that the inside is lined, so it’s not just strictly denim, and keeps you warm.

Link to jacket HERE

The next thing I was obsessed with as soon as I came across it was a bomber jacket from Missguided. This is literally the perfect light weight bomber jacket. It’s black, silky and the detail is so cute I can’t stand it! I’m all for the simplistic look of things, but I couldn’t get over the rose gold details of this jacket. Though it says bomber jacket, I wouldn’t really consider this a jacket mostly because of it’s satin material. This isn’t something I’d wear nessicarly with the idea to keep me warm, but mostly if I am going out or if I want to throw  something over a sweater to make me look less homeless. (S/O finals season). This jacket is so diverse and that’s why I love it so much. You can wear it from class, to going out, to simply lounging around. It’s so easy to dress up or down, and you can never go wrong with that 🙂

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-1-15-16-pmLink to jacket HERE 

I’ve never been a sneaker type gal, but lately I can’t get enough! I’ve picked up habits of pairing sporty shoes with casual outfits and I’m obsessed with how it looks. Plus you can’t go wrong with how comfy you feel. When it comes to sneakers I’ve been rotating between my three favourites lately. My Stan Smith’s by Adidas, my Fresh Bounce’s by Adidas, and my Air Max Theas by Nike. Super cute and most importantly, super comfy!

Adidas Fresh Bounce HERE
Adidas Stan Smith HERE
Nike Air Max Thea HERE 

If you know me, you know I’m so obsessed with sunglasses it’s disgusting. I could have every pair in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough. For me, my favourite style to wear are aviators. I think because they hide most of my face and the look of death that is under my eyes. I also enjoy them because most of the time they are mirrored, and seeing as I have bad habit of staring it’s nice to be able to hide that, lol. My most recent pair I have gotten were the Céline Mirror CL Aviators in the Blue/ Gold combo. These are the perfect over sized sunnies, yet not sloppy looking! I wear them with literally everything. So again, easy to dress up or down. The less effort the better, hehe! The next two pairs I want to share with you are some casual Raybans. Raybans are always a classic way to go, and I haven’t broken a pair yet so they’re obviously worth the money 🙂 Though these sunnies may come off as pricey, they are something you will be using mostly everyday! I like to look at sunglasses as an investment opposed to a luxury purchase. Maybe because I’m right, or maybe because I try to trick myself out of feeling guilty. Either way, I’ll take it!

Céline HERE (They’re on sale right now, FYI)
Rayban Brown Aviators HERE
Rayban Black Aviators HERE 

That’s all for today loves! Hopefully I’ll get some time once the Christmas break starts to actually post photos of these outfits for you. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your finals xx


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