I’m back!

Helloooo… it’s me! Though I don’t sound like Adele, and  clearly can’t be serious for once in my life.. one thing I am serious about is I’m back! Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes you disappear for 6 months. Right? Anyyyyyyways, schools been insane. I can’t believe midterms are already here! That being said, with so much school going on it makes me miss summer that much more! Safe to say I had an amazing summer. I feel like I got a lot done, and matured as a person quite a bit 🙂  I realized I’m pretty much over going out to bars on the weekends, and realized how nice it can be to just stay in and catch up on some TV shows, or a good book! This summer wasn’t anything crazy, but I did do one exciting thing! I had the chance to head over to Vancouver B.C for the long weekend in July, (Canada Day weekend) to visit Håkan, since he was home there for the summer 🙂 Safe to say I fell absolutely in-love with the city. If you ever get the chance to go there, take it! I cannot stress that enough. Well my study break is over, stay tuned for more posts on fall looks, faves, and other things! I promise to not leave anyone hanging for the next 6 months after that… lol.

Here are some pictures I’ve collected over the summer, enjoy 🙂

Talk later xx!


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