Moms Know Best

I’ve done my fair share of fighting with my mom as much as the next person. As a self-proclaimed bad ass, I took everything she said with a little more rebellion than I should have. Every piece of advice offered was turned away, or responded with a sense of self-entitlement and one hell of an attitude (because at 17 I knew everything.. Didn’t I?). Naturally, I’d do the opposite of what she’d recommend. Now that I’m a little older, but no more wiser, I’ve learned maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world to listen to this lady. Though I might want to cuss my brains out after being told something, she might just know what she’s talking about. (Crazy right?). In honour of Mother’s Day approaching soon, here’s to you chicks!



1.Missing out on one weekend will not end your social life.

2. That boy wasn’t worth being upset about.. and the next probably won’t be either.

3. Broken things are never broken, they just have some room for improvement.

4. The only men worth your time are those worth the approval of your brother(s).

5. Junk food should only be eaten as dessert, and not often at that.

6. Don’t restrict your social circle, make all sorts of friends!

7. You could be a lawyer or a porn star- point is if you’re the best at what you do, always be proud of it. (Okay, maybe not a porn star- sorry Mom)

8. Always be humble and kind.

9. Share what you’ve been blessed with.

10. Blondes do have more fun.

11. Always ask questions.

12. It’s okay to burn bridges with people who decided to walk over them.

13. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

14. Never tell your best stories.

15. If you’re actually as great as you are, chill with trying to prove yourself. Others will
realize this if it’s true.

16. It’s okay to get in trouble.

17. It’s even more okay if a great story comes along with that.

18. Leave your mark on everything you become apart of.

19. A mother notices a toxic person before you do.

20. Listen to her when she warns you about these toxic people.

21. Yes, you can still cry to her when you don’t listen to her warnings. But, don’t expect much sympathy.

22. If you enjoyed that drunk food the night before, you better enjoy the extra 20 minutes of running the next day.

23. Find your perfect lipstick colour and never let it go.

24. Always be best friends with your siblings.

25. And remember, a mothers love never leaves.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.01.22 PM.png

Shout out to all the moms! Thanks for giving life, and choosing to keep us around when we really don’t deserve it. And most importantly, thank you for being my best friend and showing me a love I could never receive from anyone else.
Brittany Peretin


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