Times When Beauty Is In-Fact Pain

Waking up before sunrise just to do your hair and makeup, all to look like a generous 6. Though we hate to admit this, everyone goes to some-what extreme measures to make themselves aesthetically pleasing. And no, it is not as easy as some guys think. Oh you have to shave your beard once in awhile? So sorry. You can feel bad for yourself while reading a list of what us gals endure.

  1.  Stabbing your eyeball with a mascara wand.
  2. Nipping your neck with your straightener/curling want
  3. The annoyance of someone pointing out your “hickey” shortly after nipping your neck with these items.
  4. Tearing off sticky boobs along with your real boobs in the process.
  5. Plucking your eye brows.
  6. Threading your eyebrows.
  7. Anything to due with eyebrows in general.
  8. Cardio.
  9. Juice cleanses.
  10. That pre vacation visit to your waxing lady (amirite?)
  11. Raging headaches from wearing the “this is my midterm” pony tail/bun.
  12. Finding out you have hangnails… the hard way.
  13. Clamping your skin while you’re just trying to curl your eyelashes.
  14. Forgetting you whitened your teeth and being reminded by the excruciating pain brought upon drinking that ice cold water shortly after that.
  15. The abuse your toes endure while wearing peep toed high heels.
  16. Spending excessive time on the devils favourite machine, the stair master!
  17. Trying to be a Kardashian so you squat like it’s the only thing that can save you.
  18. Explaining how you almost passed out trying to do that.
  19. Sweating because you’ve spent an hour blowdrying and using some sort of hot item to curl or straighten your hair.
  20. Trying to find the perfect face wash.
  21. Dropping your new Becca Champagne Pop… and it smashing into a million little pieces… followed by your heart after this horrendous mis-hap.
  22. Even after getting matched at Sephora, your foundation is still a little off.
  23. When one eye brow is so good it can end world hunger… And the other just looks hungry.
  24. Mental breakdowns BC jeans/bra/bathing suit shopping.
  25. Trying to re-learn how to live life after getting fake nails.
  26. Getting a manicure for it to only chip three days later.
  27. Knowing the nail ladies are judging you more harshly than you’re mother (and God) on a Sunday morning. Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a pedicure, I get it. 
  28. Trying to tell the ESL nail lady you don’t need a design.
  29. Explaining this all to the opposite sex.
  30. The sick feeling you get after seeing your bank account after doing all this.


little girl middle finger


Like I said, generous 6.. Totally worth it.

Happy Monday!

Brittany Peretin



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