Holiday Lies- What Is Said VS Reality

Winter break is always an exciting time. You’re happy to be with your family. You get to see that weird uncle who isn’t really your uncle for the first time since last year, and your grandmas always got fresh mint bills waiting to be slipped under the table and over to you “just because”. This is good. This is nice. Except accepting these things leads to a game of 20 questions. Mostly, questions that you have been avoiding and haven’t thought about because you’re to busy drinking and calculating what you have to get on your finals in order to avoid academic probation. So, opposed to the ever so played out answer “Yeah, it’s all going really good. I have everything set for after I graduate”, the following is everything we can’t say.

  • “You’re so grown up! How has second year been?”

“Honestly, I can’t find a story or situation that doesn’t involve drinking, eating, or making a really bad decision. So, it’s been all right. I even somehow pull off a 3.7 and study 15+ hours a week”

  • “What did you plan on doing after you graduate?”

“Honestly, I have no clue. I’ve been studying in the med library in hopes someone tosses me a glass slipper and I don’t have to loose sleep over this bullshi* anymore. “

  • “How are your classes this year?”

“I don’t contemplate switching majors that much anymore, so they’re okay I think?”

  • “What happened to the nice boy you were talking to this summer?”

“He was actually being a super nice boy to some other girls who are probably answering this question right now also”

  • “Who was that cute boy in your instagram photo?”

“Honestly, I have no clue. I know just as much about him as you do. I only got a picture with him because we were both wearing black shirts, and I was probably blacked out”

Questions being thrown at you during the holiday seasons are inevitable. Just be happy this will likely be the biggest shit show stage of your life, and you can blame all your mistakes, bad decisions, and regrets on Drakes song The Motto. (Not actually though, figure it out). It can only go up from here, so keep letting everyone think it’s all okay, and pretend you’re not stress sipping your wine at dinner waiting for your final marks, and if your 3.7 stayed a 3.7… Cheers!

Brittany Peretin





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