19 Things Everyone Is Thankful For During The Holdays

Seeing as we celebrated Thanksgiving not so long ago, and Christmas is approaching ever so quick, I thought I’d share some relatable things that I personally am very, very thankful for. Which, I’m sure you can agree on.

1. I’m thankful for this special time that I get to spend with my family.

2. I’m thankful for my family slaving in the kitchen for all this amazing food that I can enjoy….. for free…..

3. I’m thankful that I’ll be going shopping for brand new winter wardrobe (half a size up obviously, thx Thanks giving, prepping for Christmas)

4. I’m thankful turkey doesn’t have carbs. It’s totally equal to eating a salad, right?

5. I’m thankful for the endless memories I get to make with my siblings.. even if it does include dropping a water filled condom onto my brothers head to see what happens (it spilt everywhere FYI)

6. I’m thankful for all the cute fall photos I can instagram and look really cute in

7. I’m thankful my family members haven’t asked me when I’m getting married seeing as I don’t even have a boyfriend at the moment

8. Oh wait….. that happened

9. I’m thankful for leggings, and making the decision to wear them instead of jeans

10. I’m thankful my dad is generous enough to let me use his credit card for emergencies

11. I’m thankful he still thinks a trip to LuLu Lemon is an emergency

12. I’m thankful for big sweaters and post-holiday juice cleanses, and steam room sessions

13. I’m thankful I can stop pretending I wasn’t getting sick of PSLs and can proudly make the transition onto skinny peppermint mochas, in cute red cups. Retaining my basic status, of coarse.

14. I’m thankful my ex bae still hasn’t changed his netflix password (if you’re reading this, now is not the time to do so either. I just started Scandal)

15. Wine…. weird I spelt vodka wrong lolz

16. I’m thankful it’s almost Christmas

17. Happy birthday JC… can I open presents now?

18. I’m thankful for the good health of my family and friends

19. And lastly, I’m thankful that most bars are opened during the holidays


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