How To Properly Turn Away A Guy In A Bar

Contrary to popular belief, all girls aren’t total bitches most of the time while being out at bars. And yes, they do feel somewhat guilty when shutting down a guy while at those bars. After all, this can’t be the first time it’s happened, which than extends to what you just did more than likely did not help his self-esteem. After personal experience, and second hand experience, and many nights of feeling guilty and having the thought “did he think that’d actually go over well?” Here’s the proper, most respectful way to dismay yourself from those in bar situations.. The “right” way to turn a guy away in a bar.

Of coarse you start out the night with your girl friends, already a few shots deep and arrive at the bar and literally can’t talk or look at another person until you have a vodka cran in hand. You march right up to the bar as if you’re about to go on mission impossible (let’s be honest, getting the bar-tenders attention might just be equal to just that) HEY, WHATS UP, HELLO!!!! Finally, after making it to the front of the bar alive, it’s only a matter of time before an out of town guy decides to introduce himself with the oh so clever line “What are you drinking tonight?” or “You from around here?” than proceed to offer to buy you a drink. Well, shit. Tipsy you for sure wants to be drunk you, and drunk or sober, who doesn’t want to be taken care of? To be honest, it’s probably best to just not accept his drink. As hard as it may be to turn down free alcohol, the proper thing to do is tell him “Appreciated but I’ve got it, thanks!” Of coarse, in what world would you actually use your brain and let that happen though?


He snags you a vodka cran, and you make some awkward small talk about your school, his school, and his uninteresting social life with his frat star brothers. You see him grabbing his cash and know at this point if you leave, you’re an asshole. So you carry on talking about these irrelevant things for a few more minutes, hoping he’d get bored of you. Hoping for an out, he asks you to dance. FU*K. You don’t really want to dance, well you do.. just not with him. Quick how do I avoid this? I can’t say I’m injured or anything like that. Shit Shit Shit. Actually, my friends just waved me over. It’s kind of a girls night thing.. I’m sorry! Really nice meeting you though, we’ll catch up later!” Honestly, you know that won’t happen and you’re hoping he’s thinking the same thing. BUT before you say that, make sure your girls didn’t already latch onto any of his more appealing friends. Hopefully he gets the hint when your friends keep pulling you away from him, but you’re like…really pretty, so he probably won’t.


Your night is coming to an end and he some how finds you and asks for your number or instagram name. Reaaallllly man? First of all, do NOT give him a fake number. It’ll smack you in the face when he says “I’ll call you right now to make sure you typed it in right” or “I’ll text you right now so you have my number also” and it ends up in him calling some insurance company. You can make up some weird rule you have, like “Sorry, I don’t give my number out to guys once I’m passed 5 drinks” This will flatter him, thinking you want to be sober when first really meeting him (even though it make absolutely zero difference to you) or he’ll be super pissed he wasted his night and think you’re a total bit*h. Whatever dude. Honestly, you could be just as pissed off some guy wouldn’t leave you alone too, right? This is how it should go over, but naturally at this point you’re pretty wasted, and give him you’re number regardless of how uninterested you really are, and because you’re to wasted to think of an excuse not to.


The next day you wakeup with a text from an unknown number “Hey you!” You’re really tempted to reply “Bye” and leave it at that. Honestly, it’s hard to feel bad for yourself or anyone in this situation at this point because like, totally avoidable. You had lots of opportunities to have him kick rocks, but for some reason you weren’t able too. Why couldn’t you just respond with “I don’t have one” when he asked for your name? Huhhhhh?? Respectfully, you respond to his text. At this point, you’re just going to have to let it play itself out. Be the busiest person in the world until he finally calls it quits. This doesn’t take much, seeing as most guys are aware you don’t have an emergency appointment twice a week, two Fridays nights in a row. If he doesn’t get it, quit being nice and tell him you’re sorry but he needs to kick rocks because this isn’t getting anyone, anywhere.sandra.gif

A boy asks you for your name?
Don’t have one!

Asks where you go to school?
You don’t go, you’re a degenerate who parties on weekends and recovers during the week!

Is that you’re boyfriend you were talking to?
No, but that’s my girlfriend over there! * Points to best friend*

Asks what you’re studying?
I wanna be a funeral director, I’m obsessed with dead people!



Here’s to hoping you never run into the one drink stands you meet while being a bar star! Happy Mondazeeee!

Brittany Peretin



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