How To Spot AND Avoid Fu*k Boys

The word “fuckboy” is thrown around lot’s these days. It’s one of those weird words our parents will never understand. Kind of like whole “fleek” trend, MCM trend, and WCW trend. When I first heard someone call a guy a fuckboy, I wasn’t sure what to think. Does that mean their hooking up? Does that mean he’s bad at hooking up? What’s a fuckboy? Am I a fuckboy?

The word fuckboy itself can mean soooo many different things, but what they all have in common is that neither of them mean something positive. A general description of a fuckboy is usually someone who is manipulating, shady, and arrogant. Someone who has messed around with you, your friends, and sometimes, possibly both. Or, is just generally an asshole you can’t stand to be around. Chances are if you think someone could be a fuckboy, he’s more than definitely a fuckboy. If you’re not sure still, here’s a list of traits you can check off.


1. He Isn’t The Most Shy, Humble, Or Quiet Guy In The Room
As much as we hate fuckboys, they make us love them. Maybe it’s the super white smile, chizzled jawline, and the the fact the way he carries himself makes you nervous. He knows how good-looking he is, so he uses it to his advantage. He acts like an ass, but he can get away with it. For some reason, you still feel flattered even if he’s acting like a little pr*ck. Eventually, you avoid eye contact, and start blushing a little. Please, make it a little more obvious his fuckboy charm is working. Feed his fire. He knows just what he’s doing, and what he’s gotta say. It’s all nice and flattering until you see him do the same thing to that girl, that girl, and that whole group of girls over in the corner. #SmellYaDude

chaning middle finger

2. Yeah He’s Cute, But Where’s His Brain?
Think of your typical 2000’s film movie hunk. Complete 10, but when it comes
down too it, he can’t tell his right from his left. If it wasn’t for his looks, odds are he’d have nothing going for him. These are the guys that are in Political Science, and tell everyone they want to be the next Prime Minister just because they wear a suit to class. In reality, all they do is skip class to grab beers with their buds and think watching CNN will make up for it. Are you even on deans list? No? Now yes, maybe this could be an excuse for his poor grades.. but skipping class or not, odds are they’d be this shitty anyways.

 OTH gif

3. Coming Off As Nice, Interested and “Not Like The Others”
In simpler terms, yes he’s nice. No, it doesn’t last. These are the kind of guys that text you semi-regularly. And by semi-regularly, I mean nothing before 2AM. He may notice the little things that other guys tend to miss, and that may make him seem genuinely interested. That’s all apart of his fuckboy plan and mentality. He’s not. You think he cares, and you think you’re the only girl he does this too. WRONG. This is the part where you finally give in, and he gives out. Makes a complete 180 and goes back on everything said and done. Who are you? As much as he seems like a nice guy, he only uses nice guy ways to create his ever so great fuckboy persona. Maybe at some point a long time ago he really was a nice guy. Maybe before that one girl hurt him after he was so giving and genuine. Y’know what, easy tough ass. He’s now got “Nice guys finish last” tattooed on his chest, just so everyone knows how nails he really is.



4. He Puts In The Bare-Minimum Effort
When things first start off, you don’t see this coming. He comes off as interested and strong. Very attentive, and very much into the whole thing. Yes, initially this can fool anyone, but as time goes on his fuckboy-fuckery comes out to play. Sure he’ll text you quite often, but will he ever ask you on a date? Maybe for some day drinks? No, odds are he’ll text you the address of the party he’s at followed by the words “Yeah you can come here.. if you want, not much fun though” He only asks you to hangout when it’s convenient for him. Naturally, when things don’t go his way he acts like a big baby and ignores you until further notice. Odds are you’ll HU, and he’ll give you a story book on why he doesn’t want to be in a relationship right shit

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoys their week and avoids fu*k boys!

Brittany Peretin



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